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Space Rabbit Studios started to take shape when we won the Pixels Awards 2017 receiving a $55K prize to make the pilot for Fox & Chicken to try to pitch the project to make an animated series. We want to show to the world that there’s talent in El Salvador and that great ideas can come from small places as well.

✏ Traditional Illustration
💻 Digital Illustration
🎞 Illustration for Animations
📂 Project Development & Management

👤 Character Development
🖼 Background Illustration
📖 Illustration for Children Books
📔 Book Cover Design
☕ Illustration for Physical Products
🎁 Personalized Commissions

Doris Meléndez / Mellen


Illustrator, Independent Freelancer and Entrepreneur. She decided to focus on creative careers since she was a kid and ended up graduating from Arts at the National University of El Salvador with a scholarship and honors. After graduating from the University she became part of the illustration collective called “Proyecto Ilustrar”, the experience here allowed her to become better illustrator by learning how to work in a team, improving technical knowledge and organization management, which gave her the experience to take the next step on becoming an independent illustrator and the creation of her personal brand “Mellen” creating physical products, offering her services as illustrator and specializing in traditional illustration using watercolor illustration.


A partir del crecimiento de su marca Mellen ingresa a participar en diferentes eventos de emprendimiento y formación profesional en el área de ilustración e ilustración infantil, por lo cual es invitada a exponer su historia en diferentes medios digitales y televisión nacional, narrando sus experiencias, procesos y metas a conseguir. Así mismo realizando talleres de ilustración en universidades, colegios y en el principal festival de ilustración de su país.


From this point, the brand “Mellen” started to grow and she started participating in several entrepreneurship and professional development events focused on creativity and children illustrations which allowed her to share her story in many different digital mediums and national TV shows, using these to teach about her experiences, illustration processes and her goals. Soon after she started to teach in illustration workshops in universities, schools and many art festivals in her country. She has worked for national and international clients from countries such as the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Bosnia and many others. She collaborated with other studios for the creation of the elements for the web series: “Kinda Funny the Animated Series”. She’s now the director of Space Rabbit Studios and the creator of the animated project “Fox & Chicken” which has a pilot under development.

About Space Rabbit Studios


Space Rabbit Studios was created when the founding members won the animation award Pixels Pro 2017.


Doris Melendez & Nestor Rodriguez are both illustrators and designers who have a big experience in the freelance market, developing projects in different countries and collaborating with other creative studios national and international in the digital and traditional illustration industry.


We’re an adaptable studio that is able to adjust to the needs of the projects and the tendencies of the market as they change, seeking to optimize every creative resource we got at our disposition.


We know time is an important factor, that’s why we look to develop your project in the right time and quality.


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