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Fox & Chicken is the story of two inseparable Friends and their many adventures in their quest for magic. Fox is a young wizard apprentice who has a dream of learning all the magic in the world and to discover the secrets of nature to become a master wizard.

Chicken is an unconventional character for their species. She’s brave, curious and adventurous, she never doubts on accompanying Fox in his quest. Now we can see their adventures while we learn about nature and discover the hidden magic in all things.

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Winner of Pixel Pro 2017

Created by a talented team of local artist, with national and international awards. Fox & Chicken is aiming to be the first silent animated short movie done in El Salvador. The project has already seen some success through many events at a national level.

In 2017 Fox & Chicken won at Pixel Pro Awards, a contest of animation created and hosted by the Government of El Salvador to motivate local talent into competing in the global market.

Reviews of Fox and Chicken From Our Fans

I had the honor of meeting Doris Melendez at CTN expo. Her story and the story of Space Rabbit Studios is very inspiring. I can’t wait to see what these beautiful imaginations create! Lauren Lehmann

I love their animations and the visual style they have, I love their work since I saw them in Pixels Awards. It’s a great job and I hope they achieve their goals by far. The Best of Luck. Gus Perez

Great works like these are too few. I’m truly impressed by the quality of this team. I recommend this project highly and I hope they continue to do much more. Eduardo Garcia

Great work of animation by people who have great passion in what they do, essential ingredients to improve and success. Daniel Pérez

Excellent project, the dedication and commitment. They are looking to create something new and their passion shows. Joaquín Beltrán

This is an excellent work and with a great quality. I completely love the artwork and it has a peculiar enchantment with an unique atmosphere that is nice to look at. Ivan Dominguez

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